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Mindfulness is described by the Institute of Mindfulness in South Africa as “moment-to-moment awareness, cultivated by purposefully paying attention in the present moment with an attitude of non-judgment, kindness, and curiosity.”

Mindfulness is an inherent human capacity and is available to everyone in any and every moment. As such, it can be developed through regular practice.

The benefits of mindfulness

Mindfulness today is practised by millions of people all over the world. It is taught in schools, workplaces, hospitals and even in the army. There is now more than 35 years of research into how it works and why it works.

This research shows us that mindfulness reduces stress, anxiety and other destructive emotions. It reduces depression (clinical trials are showing that mindfulness is as effective as medication with no side effects), addictive tendencies and insomnia. Mindfulness is also very effective for pain management.

Other benefits include, better memory, enhanced focus and attention, improved emotional and social intelligence leading to better relationships. Mindfulness has even been shown to boost immunity.

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What is MBSR?

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction – or MBSR – is an 8-week programme that incorporates mindfulness to assist people with pain and a range of conditions and life issues that were initially difficult to treat in a hospital setting. Developed at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center in the 1970s by Professor Jon Kabat-Zinn, MBSR uses a combination of mindfulness meditation, body awareness, and gentle movement (yoga) to help people become more mindful. It is the longest standing, most successful and well-researched stress reduction programme worldwide.

What is an MBI?

An MBI or Mindfulness-based Intervention is any formal intervention of programme that incorporates mindfulness as a way to address a specific condition or challenge or simply to help people to live more joyfully.


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