Are you feeling burnt out, overwhelmed or running on empty? If so, you may be struggling with toxic stress. The practice of mindfulness can help you gain practical skills for responding in a healthy way to the stress, pain and illness that inevitably form part of life. We offer a range of mindfulness-based interventions and workshops to get you started on your mindfulness journey.


Most of our lives we are not really here. We are either in the past thinking about what has happened or worrying about the future. Mindfulness is a powerful practice that helps us to switch from autopilot and wake up to our lives before it is too late. By doing so we empower ourselves to live more joyfully.

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We are delighted to offer a number of courses and workshops.

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Mindfulness invites us to know ourselves more deeply and deepen our connection with others so that we can live more fully. For more thoughts and reflections on mindfulness visit our resources page.

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We are two people who have been fortunate enough to come upon mindfulness in our life’s journey. And because it has made such a profound difference to our quality of life, we want to share what we have learned with others.

Lila Ukabhai is a Leadership Coach and Mindfulness-Based Facilitator with a postgraduate certificate from Stellenbosch University in Mindfulness Based Programme Teaching. Her 30 years of experience in financial services within IT and leading a business analyst team have given her deep insights into workplace challenges. She believes that so much is possible if we are better able to tap into our deep inner wellspring of resources.

Jane Notten is a Mindfulness-Based Facilitator with a postgraduate certificate from Stellenbosch University in Mindfulness Based Programme Teaching. She has been practising Mindfulness for more than a decade. As the owner and manager of a small marketing business, she has a first-hand understanding of the impact of toxic stress in our daily lives.

Both Jane and Lila are affiliates of the Institute for Mindfulness in South Africa


‘Jaali’ is a Hindi term meaning a net or a fine web. It is commonly applied to describe the ornamental lattice screens found in Indian, Indo-Islamic and Islamic architecture that allow in light and improve ventilation. In ancient times, structures were designed to work with natural conditions in order to provide indoor thermal comfort without relying on mechanised systems. The jaali helps to lower the temperature by compressing the air as it enters a building through the holes in the screen. We think that this is a perfect metaphor for the practice of mindfulness.

By working with what is here already – our innate capacity for awareness – and paying attention non-judgementally in the present moment, we can self-regulate better, literally changing the quality of what we take in through our senses so that it nurtures more than it harms. Even the hot winds of stress and anxiety can be cooled by the jaali of mindfulness.


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